Choosing a Hybrid SUV

The hybrid SUV is a growing choice among people who want to save fuel and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Many environmentalists have been unrelenting in their criticism of the SUV in general, since older generations of SUVs were gas ‘guzzlers’. The hybrid SUV, while still using more fuel than a smaller hybrid, has come a long way, with many of them now realizing up to fifty (yes fifty) miles to the gallon. That is really something when we’re talking about a vehicle that has the towing abilities of a truck and the roominess of a van with the handling capabilities of a car.
The search for the best hybrid SUV requires a bit of research and possibly a few test drives. Finding out which hybrid SUV can best suit your needs can be a process of trial-and-error. You will need to ask yourself, first of all, how much time you will actually spend driving the SUV on the road, as well as off the road. By reading reviews by other people who have purchased the SUVs that you are considering, it will be possible to narrow your search.
Most of the best hybrids on the market use both gas and electricity. Each has something to offer that is considered “the best”. For example, if you are looking for affordability with a lower sticker price while getting a hybrid SUV that is maximum when it comes to efficiency, then check out the Ford Escape hybrid. For 7-passenger seating, you have three choices that win accolades, including the Chevy Tahoe hybrid, Cadillac Escalade hybrid, and the Toyota Highlander hybrid. For performance and towing, the GMC Yukon Hybrid wins hands down, while top luxury SUVs in the hybrid class include Lexus RX 450H and the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.


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