Is a Small SUV Right For You?

Choosing a Small SUV

A small SUV is also known as a compact SUV and really has a lot to offer the consumer. The small SUV has the versatility that is seen with mid-size and large SUV, but offers a lower purchase price and better gas mileage. The compact SUV comes with a huge range of different available amenities, and can be found in all wheel drive, four wheel drive and two wheel drive models.

The typical SUV in a smaller size has a six cylinder or a four cylinder engine. The small SUV engine can provide the driver with great fuel economy, making compact SUV among the most eco-friendly options on the planet. Since the small SUV can seat five to six persons, they are a top choice among young families who are looking to stretch their dollars.

When shopping for a small SUV, it is important to first establish the price range that you wish to shop within. Perhaps the best way to determine this is to figure the amount of monthly payment that you wish to be out each month.

You should also determine what your priorities are when buying a small SUV. Are you interested in saving money at the pump? If so, then look for an SUV with a higher fuel economy. Is safety a big concern for you? If so, then look for SUVs that have the highest safety ratings. Are you looking for a small SUV with specific amenities? If so, then look for those amenities, like navigational systems, heated seating, third row seats, enhanced towing capacity, and keyless entry or keyless starting capabilities.






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