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What is the Best Luxury SUV?

The luxury SUV is a good choice for a number of drivers, since it offers a large array of amenities in addition to additional cargo space, expansive seating, engine power, and enhanced features to increase safety. Nonetheless, with so many different options when it comes to this type of SUV, it can be difficult to choose the best luxury SUV for your needs.

The Infiniti QX56 is consistently ranked as the top large luxury SUV by leading reviewers. This SUV boasts 400 horses under the hood, and seats eight people. In addition, it has added safety features that can warn the driver of the possibility of collision, and has an intelligent cruise control.

When it comes to the best luxury SUV in a mid size, perhaps none get higher marks than the Lexus RX360. This SUV was ranked tops for its fuel efficiency, and features a comfortable interior with a standard 50K mile warranty. Comes standard with a 6-speed transmission.

Another of the best luxury SUV options on the market is the Acura MDX. This mid size luxury sport utility vehicle has an engine with 300 horsepower, third row seating with room for seven, all wheel drive and top scores on government safety tests.  Those who drive it give it top marks for its smooth performance and high tech features.

No list of the best luxury SUVs would be complete if it failed to mention the luxury Mercedes Benz M series, which also has a gas and electric hybrid model that gets around 24 highway miles to the gallon.




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