Buying a Mid Size SUV

Choosing a Mid Size SUV

Mid size SUV options have really grown over the years, and there are a number of reasons for this growth. The mid size vehicle is built to incorporate most of the SUV features that are usually only seen in larger models, yet they are a more suitable size for family uses.

Most of the mid size SUV options on the market are basically a truck combined with a station wagon or mini van. They are able to tow like a small truck would, and they have four wheel drive capabilities for inclement weather. Most of them seat between five and seven passengers, which is about the same number of people that you can get in a mini van.

When shopping for a mid size SUV, it is important to look for the features that will mean the most to you. For instance, some mid size SUVs are equipped with third row seating, while others may have more cargo room. If you are the mom that everyone depends on to make it back and forth to basketball practice, then perhaps both are important to you – you need to haul a bunch of kids and their equipment! Gas mileage may be important to you. If so, look for a model with the highest fuel efficiency. Most SUVs come standard with passenger’s side and front air bags, stability systems and collision sensing devices.  If yours does not, then look for those that have the highest safety ratings, as this will not only make you and your family safer on the road, but will also have the bonus of reducing the amount that you are required to pay via insurance premiums.


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