Which is the Best SUV?

When considering which SUV is the best SUV for you, you likely will take three things into consideration. These include the purchase price of the SUV, the gas mileage that is promised by the SUV, and the safety ratings that are associated with the vehicle.

The Dodge Journey is considered by many to be the best SUV on the road. There is a bit of confusion in the market about whether it is a crossover wagon or an SUV, but either way, it has a lot to offer. The Journey has a smaller size which translates to improved fuel efficiency. It has a safety rating of 9.9 from U.S. News and World Report, and is one of the most cost effective SUVs on the road – starting out at just about $20K.

The Ford Escape Hybrid, depending on who you ask, is often proclaimed as the best SUV. This is one of the most affordable hybrid SUVs on the road, stating out just below $30K. It has the same safety rating as the Journey, 9.9 per the U.S. New and World Report rankings. This is also one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, ever, with many drivers reporting getting more than sixty miles to the gallon.

The Toyota Highlander is arguably one of the best SUV options on the market. Although it is bigger than the standard SUV, it still gets decent gas mileage and has a 9.7 safety rating on the same scale as the vehicles mentioned above. It stars at just slightly less than $30K, making it semi-affordable. Another Toyota usually also makes the list of best SUV options: the Toyota Venza. This model has a 9.9 safety rating, a V6 engine, and around the same fuel economy as the Highlander.


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