Battle of the Crossover Compact SUV

Top 5 Compact Crossover SUVs – Which is the Best?

The first SUVs were launched by Toyota around 15 years ago – the RAV 4 and by Honda, the CR-V. Honda and Toyota are both pioneers in the SUV industry and they also are leading the way in the compact crossover SUV market. The crossover looks to become even more popular in days to come. Two crossover SUVs for 2013 seem to be leading the pack: the Ford Escape and the Mazda CX-5. Both of these SUVs bring driving fun and style together, and they also add some rich features and practical additions as well. Three other SUVs that are labeled as crossovers also deserve honorable mention for 2013, including the Honda CR-V, the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Kia Sportage. Which should you choose?

These five crossover SUVs for 2013 have the same amount of sticker shock: $30K. Not bad for a new crossover. All have 4 cylinder engines under the hood. All five of these SUVs are equipped (standard) with a navigation system on board. So which is the best buy? Critics agree that the Ford Escape stacks up as just about the best compact crossover on the market. The Escape has a 1.6 liter turbo boosted four cylinder engine that offers great power for climbing hills and accelerating. A six speed automatic transmission provides a smooth shift. The Escape is also super comfortable and has a chassis with a sporty look that is lively and light. The 2013 Escape offers more European styling details whereas last year’s model was more like a Ford Explorer that had been shrunk down to a compact size. The inside of the Escape is less of a truck design than it was in previous models  and more futuristic-looking. The Escape has the Synch system and a high-res screen for navigation. It also has something that competing compact crossover SUVs do not. A power operated tailgate. With an upgrade you can just wave your foot beneath the bumper and the tailgate will open, which can be quite handy if you have a bag of groceries on one hip and a toddler on the other. All of this with the added bonus of fuel economy boost in an American made car that supports the U.S. economy. Who could ask for more?


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