Chevy, Ford, and More..Which Brand Should You Buy?

On a Quiet Night, You Can Hear a…Toyota Rust?

When selecting the right SUV for your needs, you may be tempted to go with a brand that you trust or that is familiar with you, but there are a number of big players in the SUV industry. Many people are big Chevy or Ford fans, and they naturally look to these two major brands when it comes to buying an SUV and that is fine if the brand has what you are looking for. But there are some other good ones to consider, too, and maybe it is time for you to change your Chevy or Ford buying habit. That calls to mind all of the pretend arguments between Chevy lovers and Ford lovers – that spurred bumper stickers of a little boy peeing on either a Chevy or Ford sign, depending on which the owner of the bumper sticker found to be the best. It also brings to mind sayings like “This is Ford/Chevy country, on a quiet night you can hear a Ford/Chevy rust” again, the way that it was phrased depended on just whichever you liked the best. Chevy lovers also came up with acronyms like FORD – Found on Road Dead or Found on Russian Dumps or even one quite a bit cruder – F’ed Over Rebuilt Dodge. Ford has improved a lot in reliability in recent years, and most Ford vehicles are ranked average or higher. Chevy SUVs do well in testing and ratings, although pre-owned SUVs from Chevy often miss the mark when it comes to reliability and performance. What other choices are there?

Honda has come out with a number of great SUVs, and they rank consistently high in testing with great fuel economy and safety features. Look at the Honda Pilot, Honda Fit as well as the Honda CRV. The Honda Pilot seats 8 and starts out at just $29K.

Kia and its sister company, Hyundai, have improved a lot over the years and now have a few great SUVs to choose from. Some SUVs from Kia worth an extra look include the Kia Sorento and Kia Sportage. Hyundai SUVs to consider include Hyundai Veracruz and Hyundai Tucson.

Toyota gets excellent marks for reliability, fuel economy, and performance and for safety from Consumer Reports and Edmunds, with reviewers praising Toyota for their powertrains, comfortable ride, and quiet operation. Toyota Ra 4 and Toyota Sequoia are top rated among soccer moms and others who rely on the Toyota name.


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