Upgrades Turn ANY SUV into a Luxury

Today’s SUVs come off the assembly line looking like they were part of an episode of “Trick my SUV”, with so many gadgets and upgrades, they could easily fit into the garage of some rock or pop star. The truth is that there are any number of “fancy” upgrades that you can now get for your SUV, right off the line. Some upgrades are standard nowadays, like a top of the line CD system and sound system, stereo radio or satellite radio tuner, and more. You can always upgrade your already top notch stereo system with a high watt amp so that you can blast your speakers as loud as you want to with minimum amounts of distortion. With a top of the line system, you can add to your audio system by choosing features like digital sound field, surround sound, noise cancellation and playback for DVDs through the speakers of your SUV.

Entertainment and Sound

Standard upgrades can also include satellite radio readiness, although you will need to subscribe to the service you want to use before it will work for you. Much like satellite television, satellite radio offers thousands of different channels that cater to your informational or musical interests.

High definition radio is a nice upgrade that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations in high definition or HD. This improved fidelity can enhance the user experience while high def also allows radio stations to add additional programming alongside their regular broadcasts. This allows for the delivery of diverse music content, weather information or traffic information.

Navigation On Board

Navigation systems are pretty much standard on most new SUVs, and can be a must if you are frequently driving to places where you are not familiar with the streets. For road trips, you don’t need your old “tom tom” or other system if you have on board navigation. A top rated navigation system can add a couple of grand onto the price of your SUV, although it may be offered in a bundle with some other stuff that you want, like a better audio system and a backup alert system, for example. A built in navigation system is a plus because it will have a built in screen and a large display that is in the center of the dash for ease of seeing it and using it.


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