New SUV Safety Features to Look For

Safety Features for SUVs

When you are shopping for your new or pre-owned SUV, safety and safety ratings will probably factor into your choice to buy one SUV as opposed to another. Statistically speaking, SUVs in general have a higher rollover rate than non-SUV type vehicles, since they are more top heavy and taller than traditional vehicles, although modern advances have reduced the number of rollovers somewhat in recent years. When shopping for an SU, be sure to pay attention to safety ratings from top reviewers like Edmunds and Consumer Reports. These usually assess crash tests and the crash avoidance capacity of a particular SUV, based largely on the insurance industry and government agencies. In addition, both typically perform road testing on the particular SUV being rated.

Standard Safety Features

Look for standard safety features in your SUV purchase. For example, most SUVs now have side air bags that protect the head, generally designed as a side curtain that will cover the windows in the rear and front during an impact or rollover. Designed to keep passengers safe and inside the SUV during a rollover accident, most SUVs are equipped with them now. Most also now feature electronic stability control. This feature is controlled by a computer and selectively and automatically applies the brakes to the SUV in order to keep the SUV from sliding sideways. This can also work to reduce rollovers and other types of crashes. A rear backup alerting system is also a good feature to look for, since it can help you to see better behind you when backing and parking. Keep in mind, however, that just because this type of system will detect things like a sign post or a parked car, doesn’t mean that the system can detect a child that runs behind the car when you are backing up. So the backup alert is not a substitute for human intuition and double checking to make sure that all’s clear.

Upcoming Safety Features

Some top of the line SUVs may feature other advanced technologies that may become standard in upcoming years. Look for things like lane departure alert system that alert you if you change a lane without giving your signal (this can help to prevent accidents when falling asleep at the wheel) and a telematic system that automatically alerts EMS if your SUV is involved in a crash or if the airbag deploys.


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