What You Must Look For in SUV Purchase

SUV Checklist

An SUV may be on your wish list and right now is good time to buy one, since the new models are hitting this model year is closing out. Good deals abound! So what should you be looking for in your SUV? Not all SUVs are created equally, and understanding what to look for when buying can make shopping easier. The two top things to consider when you make your purchase:

–          Engine and fuel economy. The size of engine in the SUV that you purchase will likely make a big difference in how much you have to spend at the pump in the coming years. Fuel economy is super important to most consumers and if you are budget-conscious, a small SUV powered by a four-cylinder engine is the best bet.  Keep in mind, however, that there are a number of V6 engines that offer around the same fuel economy as a four-cylinder but with improved performance. A four-cylinder can lag down a lot when you are driving uphill. A large SUV with a V-8 will drink more fuel but it will also give you a better option for heavy towing and for accelerating without effort.

–          Drive wheels. Many people buy an SUV instead of a car or other vehicle because it offers performance under all types of weather conditions, including inclement weather like snow, rain, sleet and ice. When you are buying your SUV, you will find that they have either 4 wheel drive or 4WD, all wheel drive or AWD, or 2 wheel drive or 2WD. AWD is usually found on lighter duty SU and works ti distribute drive wheel power at all times. 4WD gives power to all wheels including when you are off road. AWD is usually good for most adverse weather or for moderate use off road.


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