Should You Buy a New SUV?

Why Buy a New SUV

When looking at new and used SUVs, both are tempting, but which is the best choice for you. Sure, you can buy used and save a lot of money. There are some excellent choices out there when it comes to used and pre-owned SUVs. There are, however, a number of advantages to buying new instead of used, especially if you are well-financed or are looking to pay cash.


When you buy a used SUV, you are buying someone else’s dream ride. The SUV will be the color they liked, and will have the customizations that they liked. No two people are usually the same, so you will be sacrificing some of the things that you like when you buy a pre-owned SUV. When you buy new, you pick your trim package, color, electronics options and more. You don’t have that luxury with a used SUV, although you can add aftermarket products to customize your SUV anyway that you see fit.

You Know What You Are Getting

When you buy new instead of used, you know what you are buying. You don’t get any surprises on down the road. Many times, a used SUV will have been damaged or even wrecked, and then rebuilt. With a new SUV, you don’t have to worry about hidden damage or problems that the SUV has that are being concealed now but that will lead to huge service bills later. New SUVs come with warranties whereas most used ones do not. However, some pre-owned SUVs do have warranties or the dealership may offer you the ability to purchase a warranty.

Easier Financing

When you are financing your purchase, you can get financed more easily for more attractive rates when buying new. The new SUV stands as its own collateral, and you can typically pay less in interest over the life of the loan.

That New Car Smell

And finally, any true list of reasons why a new SUV is a better alternative for some folks than a pre-owned one would be remiss if it failed to mention that new car smell. There is just something about driving a brand new car that has never been driven before. The smell is quite unique and very pleasant. Everyone should own at least one new car in their lifetime!


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