The Best 2013 SUVs Guide

SUVs are more popular now than they have ever been, and driving home one of the best 2013 SUVs may be on your list of priorities right now. An SUV gives you so much convenience and style, and it is easy to see why. After all, the SUV combines the towing capacity of a truck with the cargo room of a mini-van, all with the handling and drivability of a car. Who could ask for more? And with the SUV really taking on a facelift in recent years and becoming more eco-friendly for the most part, more and more folks are eager to drive one.

No More Gas Guzzlers for 2013

The stigma of the “gas guzzler” has sort of fallen by the wayside, and more people are trading in their old, unreliable, fuel-inefficient cars, trucks, vans and yes, other SUVs, for modern 2013 models that get them where they are going for less and with all of the contemporary conveniences that they have been craving, right at their fingertips.

2013 SUVs Fuel Efficient, Smaller

When selecting the best 2013 SUVs, it is easy to get side-tracked by the many different options that are available to you. In fact, at auto shows across the country, the new vehicles for the upcoming model year are far outnumbered by SUVs than other types of vehicles. In particular, electric-powered and hybrid vehicles are on the rise, and that is likely a trend that is not going to die down soon, if ever.

The Best of the Best SUVs for 2013

With the economy in a continued state of recovery and gasoline prices still at unbelievable levels, most auto makers have begun to put a major focus on building SUVs and other vehicles that are small, sporty, and moreover, efficient. While consumers still desire the “wow” factor that comes from the added utility and style of this type of vehicle, they have begun to forgo dull dynamics and engines that offer power at the expense of fuel economy. Some top picks for 2013 SUV market include:

– Acura RDX. The RDX has a lot to offer the SUV lover, including a nice interior and seats that are supportive and comfortable. But that’s not all. The older model RDX had a four cylinder engine that was nothing impressive last year, but that’s gone and has been replaced with a V6. Available with all-wheel drive, this 2013 best SUV pick is sure to put a smile on your face.

– BMW X1. The X1 from BMW tops most critics lists when it comes to 2013 SUV top picks. Some call the X1 a sport activity vehicle or SAV, a new term that is being circulated in auto circles. No matter what you call this vehicle, it is a petite little thing that packs a lot of luxury punch including a five-passenger cabin, all wheel drive, and a four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission.

– Buick Enclave. The Enclave is a top-billed 2013 SUV for a lot of reasons, many of them aesthetic but some are located under the hood, too. With a more pronounced grill and sleek headlights, this beautiful SUV has experienced many tweaks in the cabin with upgrades that are crafted from high-quality materials that include touchable plastics inside. Just like its older brother, the Traverse, the Enclave has a V-6 under the hood and is available in all-wheel or front-wheel drive, although when you opt for the latter, you will lose just a pinch of fuel economy. Still, at an estimated 24 miles-to-the-gallon, you cannot go wrong if you are looking to save at the pump, and who isn’t, right?

– Ford Explorer Sport. Ford is not out of the game when it comes to the best 2013 SUVs. The Ford Explorer Sport is proof positive that Ford still has it going on. The new Ford Explorer Sport is sleek and powerful, and some say a lot sportier than ever before. It sports a twin turbo V6 under the hood and a stronger chassis than with previous models. The brakes on the Explorer have been given a makeover to help it handle the added horsepower that it now enjoys. Now equipped with a svelte set of alloys (yes, twenty-inch alloys), blacked out exterior lighting and a low-gloss mesh grille, it is difficult not to turn your head when the Explorer whizzes by at 22 miles per highway gallon. Not too hard on the wallet at the pump, either.

– Hyundai Santa Fe.  Hyundai has always been known to give consumers value for their money, and the Santa Fe for 2013 delivers just that. This model has the driver’s choice of five or seven seats and choice of 2.4 liter four cylinder engine, turbo charged 2.0 liter engine, or a direct injected V6.

– Infinity JX. This SUV for 2013 has been packed with luxury and has a lot of technological upgrades, which is to be expected in a Japanese auto. This includes cameras all the way around, adaptive-style cruise control, Bose sound systems, and of course, a lane departure warning system. It also comes with a feature to warn the driver and even stop the SUV if something gets behind the vehicle when it is being backed up. Now that’s high tech.

– Mercedes-Benz GLK. It has taken a while but Mercedes has finally released a diesel SUV that gets top marks. The GLK has been revised with a design that is somewhat blocky and with extra power but still with a fuel-saving design that will have drivers smiling all the way to the pump. With a standardized stop/start function and available in all-wheel or front-wheel drive, this bad boy is the first ever GLK in a diesel format in the country.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Dealers saw mammoth sales on the Sport for 2012, so they did not change much in their formula for the 2013 Sport, and why should they really? A few updates to bring it into the model year are all that were really needed. A few changes to the visual look of the Sports’ grille were in order, and Mitsubishi gave it some LED lighting in the taillight area, as well as a five-speed manual transmission option. Additionally, the auto maker says that the automatic has sharper acceleration and a smoother ride with a tweaked suspension. Drivers love all of the above and the sporty look of the vehicle, which is why finding one in 2013 may prove problematic.

Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder is one of the best 2013 SUVS and has been consistently praised for its spacious interior and great gas mileage. With room for seven, the Pathfinder is even more fuel efficient and offers one-third better gas mileage over last year’s model. The revamped Pathfinder lost a quarter-ton of weight in its new design and now gets twenty miles to the gallon city and twenty-six highway miles in its front wheel drive version.

– Range Rover. The 2013 SUV not to miss is the Range Rover. By putting the model on a diet that shaved off more than a quarter-ton – seven hundred pounds, this new design out for 2013 is sure to turn heads. An all-aluminum body and four corner air suspension allows it to corner like nothing you have ever driven, and still goes off road like nobody’s business. A Terrain Response system allows this smart SUV to choose the best settings based on whether you are driving on asphalt, snow, rain, or even rock.

Shopping for Your 2013 SUV

These are just some of the top SUVs for 2013. When buying your new SUV, be sure to look at more than one model, read reviews, and take a test drive or two. Keep fuel value, size, and price in mind and you will end up with the best SUV for your needs.


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