The Ultimate Mid Size SUV Guide

In the early 1990s, mid size SUVs have caught on as replacement for minivans as well as sedans. The market for mid size SUVs started small, but this has grown to become one of the largest markets in the car industry today.

Mid size SUVs are considered good choices for those families who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Such cars typically have a five passenger seating. However, there are those mid size SUVS that provide a third row seating capacity which makes room for additional passengers.

The Evolution of Mid Size SUVs

The mid size SUV has been developed from the compact type pickups. The first ones made use of ladder frames as well as live rear axles. Thus, the first mid size SUVs were handled like trucks. However, the mid size SUVs of today have been redesigned and the designs are much more sophisticated. The truck-like SUVs comes in the form of Chevrolet TrailBlazer and Toyota 4Runner while the car type SUVs includes Ford Freestyle and Nissan Murano.

Mid size SUVs usually has 6 or 8 cylinder engines. These types of cars tend to ride high and are designed to have ample passenger space as well as cargo room. The physical appearance of these cars is tough and powerfully built.

The Good and Bad Points of Mid Size SUVs

If you are looking for an SUV, you will definitely see a lot of options available. You can choose compact SUVs, mid size SUVs, or full size SUVs. Each type of SUV will have its own share of good and bad points. Before making your choice and before purchasing an SUV, it is very important to check on the good and bad points of a certain SUV type and make sure that the SUV type chosen best fit your car needs and preference.

A mid size SUV is a larger car compared to the compact SUV. However, this type of SUV is relatively smaller compared to a full size SUV. In addition to this, the mid size SUV is more expensive compared to the compact SUV with rates ranging from $25k to $35K. Here are the advantages of the mid size SUV:

• This type of SUV is affordable and this handles like a car.
• The mid size SUV offers more space compared to the compact SUV.
• This SUV type is more powerful when compared against the compact SUV.
• This SUV gets more mileage compared to a full size SUV.
• This type comes in hybrid models.

While there are some good points, there are also some bad points to note. Here are some of the disadvantages of this type of SUV:

• This type of SUV is more expensive compared to compact SUVs.
• If you prefer for more room, this may not be an option for you as mid size SUV provides less room compared to the full size SUV.
• The mid size SUV is pricier to operate compared to compact SUV.

2013 Mid Size SUV Models

With new technologies developed today within the car making industry, new models are created with added features. Like other types of cars, mid size SUVs are also affected by such developing trend. Here is a list of a few new models of mid size SUVs available today:

• 2013 Buick Enclave. This car offers a comfortable as well as an upscale experience to the mid size crossover option. This also comes with a rather large cargo hold and a well designed interior as well as a promising smooth ride.

• 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This model is actually considered as one of the top mid size SUVs of today. This has an excellent performance on the road with exceptional safety features. In addition to this, this car also has a well designed interior.

• 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. This car has lots of new features and offers seating capacity of up to seven passengers.

• 2013 Chevrolet Traverse. This mid size SUV model offers versatility and comfort. This has an eight seating capacity and a large cargo room.

• 2013 Toyota Highlander. This car model may not offer the most cargo as well as interior space but this is easy and comfortable to drive with good performance on the road.

• 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This car model is great for fuel economy while you don’t experience a sluggish driving.

• 2013 Ford Edge. This mid size SUV model comes with a classy exterior. This also offers smooth ride as well as great fuel economy.

• 2013 Ford Flex. This car model offers smooth ride as well as a spacious third row seat.

• 2013 Kia Sorento. This car option is a good option if you are looking for a car that can provide you with performance, quality, and value, all at the same time. However, this may not be powerful enough or roomy enough for you.

Mid Size SUV’s Gas Mileage

If you are interested to buy a mid size SUV, you have to consider the gas mileage of the car type and model. Having the best fuel economy in a car model can definitely help you with saving some cash especially when you go on road trips. You can choose the type of SUV according to its engine type and the how fuel efficient it can be.

A compact SUV comes with four cylinder or six cylinder engines while mid size SUVs comes with six cylinder engines or eight cylinder engines. On the other hand, the full size SUV comes with eight cylinder engines. Compact SUVs are typically considered more fuel efficient compared to the other types of SUVs as this SUV type with a four cylinder engine can travel more than 20 miles for every gallon of fuel. Moreover, full size SUVs and mid size SUVs can get anywhere between twelve to twenty miles for every gallon of fuel.

While the type of car can help you with gas mileage, there are also other tips that you can try to further save on fuel. You need to drive more efficiently while keeping your car always on its top shape.


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