Over All View of The Acura 2013 RDX

The new 2013 Acura RDX has been completely redesigned since the 2007 model. Inside and out the compact SUV has gotten a little bigger. Measuring from bumper to bumper, the RDX is an inch longer for 2013. The wheelbase is almost and inch and a half longer. Families will have more room to move around in and carry their belongings in the RDX 2013 model. For better fuel economy, the engine was changed from a turbo, four-cylinder to a V-6, which gives the SUV better gas mileage.

Test-driving the Acura RDX does feel comfortable and the 3.5-liter V-6 is powerful, but not very beefy. Manipulating the RDX through a parking lot is easy and the breaks respond with ease and on command.

The all-wheel drive along with the extra optional Technology package in the 2013 Acura RDX, costs $40,315. The RDX model with front-wheel drive starts at $35,215 and that includes the destination charge of $895 for delivery.

Exterior Style:

The exterior design is pleasing in appearance, clean-cut and sharply defined in shape. The exterior lines are neither feminine nor masculine, which makes the Acura RDX fitting for either a male or female driver. The new models have a more conservative look, where as the older model was sportier looking. The RDX has standard eighteen-inch alloy wheels.

Interior Features:

Acura certainly had the family in mind when designing the new 2013 RDX’s interior area. Access is easy with the standard keyless feature and starting the engine is done by push-button. There is plenty of legroom for everyone and many different compartments for storage. Both rows of seating have extra legroom in the five-seater RDX’s with the extra feature of two child-safety seats. The door openings have been redesigned to be larger for easy access. Leather upholstery in the new models is standard. The bottoms of the seats are larger and can be heated.

Putting infant seats and toddlers into safety seats is easy because the safety seats are set at the proper height so there is no stretching of bending to get them loaded. Neither children nor adults will have to strain to get into the vehicle. The door handles are at a perfect height for either a child or adult to reach when getting out of the vehicle.

Everything is easy to reach with all the generous storage compartments on the interior. There are two cup holders in front and two in the back for passengers. There are also bottle holders in each door for the kids. An ample storage area in is the center console and an MP3 player has plenty of room to be placed under the stack area. Smartphone’s can also be plugged in with the USB feature and easily stored under the stack. Kid’s supplies such as books, notepads or magazines can be stored in the handy pockets that are on the back of the seats.

The upgraded RDX with the technology package has a center stack full of button that can become confusing. The stack houses the multimedia system, AcuraLink, a navigation system and a premium stereo. Using the AcuraLink system can be frustrating and the graphics of the navigation system is dated. For a luxury RDX, these features diminish the experience for the cost of the vehicle.

Cargo Area

The cargo area looks a bit small at first but it can hold plenty of luggage and groceries for a growing family. The 60/40 seats can be folded down easily with a single lever that is in the back. It can be done all in one motion to collapse the seats if needed. The backseats only fold down; they do not slide forward or back. Multitasking parents feel the power liftgate is a great feature to have in a luxury vehicle but the RDX makes this feature an upgrade and not a standard feature for the vehicle.

Gas Mileage

It is recommended to use premium gas in the new 2013 RDX, but it is not required. The standard front-wheel drive RDX gets an estimated 20 miles to the gallon around the city and 28 miles per gallon on highway usage. The upgraded all-wheel drive gets an estimated 19 miles per gallon for city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Getting rid of the engine-driven hydraulic pump system with its drag effect was a smart move. The new electric power steering system makes fuel consumption more efficient.

The new RDX engine has 273 horsepower with the V-6, which is 33 horsepower more than previous models using the turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The new models now have a six-speed automatic transmission instead of the five-speed from previous years. Acura has also made the all-wheel-drive system lighter for better gas mileage.


Build up of power is slower than with the turbo engines, but power is more consistent. The V-6 allows for better maneuvering when at highway speeds for passing cars and entering onto the highway. Steering has been made lighter and the body roll in tight turns is effortless. For people who liked the pick up speed of the turbo the new model would be set back in performance but for the average driver, the new V-6 engine makes the ride more comfortable.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the 2013 Acura RDX a top pick. Strength crash tests were done on the roof, rear, sides and front of the vehicle and the scores were all rated good. The vehicle has not been crash tested yet.

The installation of the child safety seats was made easy in the RDX. The backseat is equipped with lower latch anchors for both safety seats. They are easy to locate through the slits in the seats, which makes finding them perfect.

Other safety features on the RDX include standard front-wheel drive, traction control on the electronic stability system, six air bags, rear camera with multi-viewing and parking sensors. The vehicle also has curtains for both rows. Antilock brakes are also a standard feature on the RDX. Optional packages include the all-wheel drive, fog lights, voice-activated stereo and headlights that are Xenon high-intensity discharge.


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