The Best SUV’s For Moms

Only a couple cars can handle the intensity of motherhood. Moms have a load of things to do, such as work, play, taking care of the kids, driving them to and from school, as well as their extracurricular activities. Because of this, most mothers want a safe and reliable car that will protect their kids, and make their lives easier. Moms mostly stick to buying Minivans, SUVs and hatchbacks when they are purchasing a family vehicle, but in this article we will be talking about just SUVs.

One of the all time favorites is the Ford Escape. The Ford Escape offers good performance and handling. It has very good safety rating, and gets really good gas mileage. The new Ford Escapes come with tons of space. They also come with many places to put family paraphernalia. Just a few of these things are umbrella holders, secret floor bins, and even a ticket holder.

The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is another great car for mothers as well, as it comes with up to seven passenger seating. It has awesome new styling, loads of features, and quite a spectacular gas mileage, and it is reasonably priced. It has top of the line safety features and comes with heated and cooled seats, as well as an automated climate controller.

The Nissan Pathfinder is also a great SUV for moms! This SUV has a very sleek design, and one of the most roomy interiors out of any SUVs. It has great fuel economy and has rated top of its class in safety. The newer models come with 3rd row seating, and even television displays inside the car. Perfect to keep the little ones occupied while mommy takes care of her business! It also comes with a centered dash screen that displays all the information you would expect it to for the driver.

The 2013 GMC Acadia is a great SUV for moms. Although it is a bit pricey it comes with a ton of features and is an incredibly safe vehicle. It also seats up to eight passengers at once. The interior has also received a soft touch upgrade. It comes with front center airbags and a rear view camera as well.

These are just some of the models that are favored by mothers all across America. From safety to fuel economy, and passenger seating, SUVs have to meet a certain checklist to be right for moms. These SUVs will pass those checklist and more!


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