The Best Family SUVs Guide

Many families are choosing to drive SUVs because they are a modern and convenient way to get around. U.S. News named several 2012 model SUVs as the “Best Cars for Families.”

Honda CR-V
This SUV was rated one of the best due to its updated features, more efficient fuel economy and storage space and a new and improved power train. The engine in this model was updated to enable a higher horsepower. The internal features of the car that are especially appealing to families are Bluetooth, a USB port, Pandora and the rearview camera that allows the driver to see what is behind their car. The 2012 Honda CR-V has a high safety score. This is the main reason this model was chosen as one of the best family SUVs on the market.

Ford Edge
This model SUV was chosen because of its Ecoboost engine, which gives drivers an improved fuel economy and makes this vehicle a fun one to drive. In addition to the quality of the car’s parts, it was also chosen as one of the best because, though the new engine adds an extra $1,000 to the price of the car, people are still recognizing that it is one of the best choices in a family car. This model is more spacious than previous models. There are two rows of seats that can hold five passengers.

Acura MDX
One of the complaints that many drivers have about switching from a sports or compact car to an SUV is that they will be driving a vehicle that they think will not perform as well as the car they had. According to professional auto writers the Acura MDX defies this viewpoint because it handles well and is easy to drive and reasonably priced. One reason this is a family friendly car is that it comes equipped with Latch Connectors that make it easy to install as many as four car seats. There is also an entertainment system in the back seat. In addition, the Acura MDX has been rated as a reliable family vehicle and received high scores in crash testing.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
For families that can afford a more expensive model SUV, US News recommends the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. It seats seven people and is said to be very well made. The fuel economy of this car has impressed those who have reviewed it. Between the large amount of space for cargo and a power train that operates smoothly, this is an excellent choice in vehicles for families who frequently transport their children.

Families appreciate the convenience of the BMW X3’s most unique feature, which is that it comes with a mobile office program that allows the driver to keep track of their family’s schedule using the built in calendar. An option that can be added to this model is an iPad holder for the backseat. The holder can be attached to the back of either the driver or passenger seat, allowing children to sit in the back and view the iPad. This prevents tears when mom and dad get to their destination and the iPad can be taken out of the car so the children can keep using it. This is an advantage over SUVs that have a built in entertainment system.

These are all great suggestions for families looking for a reliable SUV. No matter which of these models a family chooses they will be able to travel comfortably for many years to come.


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