Most Reliable SUVs 2013 Guide

Sport utility vehicles are appealing to a wide range of drivers. They have versatile space for cargo, a driving position that is higher than passenger cars and a towing capacity that is similar to a pickup truck. At the same time, people who like rugged off-road adventures can rely on SUVs because of their all-wheel-drive or four wheel drive system. This provides additional traction in bad weather conditions and more control when driving on off-road terrain.

In 2013, carmakers redesigned SUVs to meet increasing consumer demands for quality. This includes high level driving performance, improved safety features and all-around reliability. One of the consumers’ main concerns when purchasing vehicles is their year-round reliability. Reliability also includes the number of repairs and repair costs, and this is based on the vehicle’s mileage. Knowing how much they drive helps car buyers in estimating possible repair expenses. Reliability factors also help people in deciding to purchase an extended warranty.

Here are some of the most reliable SUV models available for 2013.

Honda CR-V

One of the highest selling SUVs today is the Honda CR-V. With useful features, practical and versatile interior dimensions, this SUV can carry a large load of cargo and people. Additionally, this vehicle is very maneuverable and easy to drive. Car reviewers also noted that it has one of the best back-seat folding arrangements in the compact SUV class.

The Honda CR-V offers excellent fuel efficiency with a 185 horsepower VTEC four-cylinder engine that can produce a 163 pounds of torque. This kind of engine technology enables the car to be fast enough to beat out traffic jams.

Furthermore, a strut front and multi link rear suspension platform offers a bump free ride. The CR-V’s noise reduction design also results in a quiet passenger compartment. Every CR-V also includes an Auto Brake System with Brake Assist that provides a high degree of control.

J.D. powers scored the Honda CR-V 4.9 out of 5 due to its low maintenance, excellent reliability and solid engine performance.

Mazda CX-5

Auto review magazines rated the 2013 Mazda CX-5 highly for its fantastic handling, excellent fuel economy and reliability. This SUV is powered by a 2.0 liter 155 horse power engine that produces 150 pounds of torque. It has an estimated fuel consumption of 29 mpg in front-wheel drive to make the CX-5 one of the top SUVs for fuel efficiency.

For a small SUV, the height adjustable seat is just right. This results in a simple to use dash layout and great all around visibility. Good insulation suppresses road and engine noise when starting and in travel. The CX-5 can compete with other SUVs in terms of cargo and passenger capability.

The Cx-5’s design is conventional in concept, but it offers engaging driving and styling. For safety measures, it contains a stability and traction control system, antilock disk brakes, side curtain and front seat air bags. The Mazda gained high customer ratings for passenger safety. The company’s philosophy in using strength and quality materials in chassis production to improve rigidity and increase crash safety is widely applauded. Finally, Mazda owners are also generally content with their SUVs because they do not sacrifice the emissions or economy performance.

Kia Sorento

Purchasing a Kia Sorento 4×4 is a very sensible and practical choice. Owners find that with a reasonable budget, they could already an SUV that has seven seats and a long list of standard tools and equipments. Buyers are also attracted to Kia’s 100,000 mile or seven year warranty. Additionally, the car’s warranty can also be transferred to a new owner if you choose to sell the vehicle.

The 2013 Kia Sorento has been redesigned with the latest floor and under floor crash frame in order to increase both passenger safety and refinement. A lot of effort has been focused on improving comfort. More legroom has been added in the second row seats in addition to an extra 9 millimeters of space in the third row. About 660 meters of space can also be seen back after folding the third row of seats.

Finally, consumer feedback for Kias has been very favorable. A lot of people are saying that it is a great car to own since it is larger than other SUV’s like the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. Additionally, some buyers also noted that it is quite durable and well made.

Toyota Highlander

The 2013 Highlander does not have a large amount of cargo or interior space. However, consumers say that it is a good vehicle to drive and a great option for people who are searching for a three-row crossover.

With its four-cylinder engine, the Highlander provides its best fuel efficiency at 20 to 25 mpg. A powertrain warranty that lasts for five years and a three year basic warranty are also available when someone purchases a Highlander.

No safety recalls have been issued from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since the SUV was release in 2012. Furthermore, car owners like the Highlander for its overall quality and mechanical powertrain technology.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Families liked the Hyundai Santa Fe for its safety, utility and refinement. It is available in two models with five or seven seats. Most reviewers are enthusiastic about its high-tech four cylinder engine that causes smooth acceleration and shows little or no turbo lag when traveling.

The Santa Fe’s interior was also well-received by many different car reviewers due to its long list of standard equipment and an attractive look. A spacious cabin for its size is also being noted by car enthusiasts and owners alike for the Santa Fe Sport.

A warranty of 60 months or 60,000 miles is also included with every purchase of a Hyundai Santa Fe Model. Additionally, no safety recalls announcements have been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Furthermore, the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study graded the Hyundai Santa Fe with an average grade for reliability.

Chevrolet Traverse

The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse is a very good all-around SUV that can provide a comfortable ride for eight people, cargo room and excellent fuel efficiency. Car reviewers also praise its comfortable ride and handling. Additionally, the Traverse’s automatic transmission is user friendly and shifts very smoothly according to owners. An all wheel drive option is available on all trims, and it has little or no effect on overall fuel consumption.

Chevrolet has made a lot of effort to improve the Traverse for the 2013 model. Customers and auto critics alike are happy with the improved features. The first and second rows have enough space for foot movement and are generally comfortable for sitting. Adults can even sit comfortably in the third-row seats.


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