Best Luxury SUVs 2013 Guide

Years ago, when someone was told to picture a sport utility vehicle, one might picture a large box-like automobile with awful fuel efficiency. Now, however, that same person could also envision a sleek looking, good on gas, great handling all wheel drive vehicle that will turn any head it drives by. Luxury SUVs are starting to come down slightly in price making them more affordable to many consumers while still meeting the expectations of the wealthy. The top 5 luxury SUVs in the 2013 line up include:

• The Infiniti EX
• The Audi Q5
• The Volvo XC60
• The BMW X3
• The BMW X1

These Luxury SUVs have been driven and tested and have all come out with great scores in interior design and comfort, performance, and safety features.

1. The Infinity EX is at the top of the list due to the impeccable interior design and phenomenal handling. When you enter the “cockpit” of the EX line, you are looking at world class gauges and instrumentation. The nice thing about the Infiniti is actually the lack of buttons. When you get into a similar crossover such as an Acura, you will get bombarded with buttons and the control panel is often times very confusing. The Infiniti EX has just the right amount of buttons to get the job done without being confusing. As far as the performance goes, the Infiniti EX is one of many cars that claim to have the handling of a sedan and the cargo of an SUV, but this car is one of few that actually follow through on that claim. The Infiniti EX is sporty when driven and allows the driver to take the family on a camping trip with all the gear in the trunk at the rear.

2. The Audi Q5 is next on the list for top Luxury SUVs in 2013. The Q5’s top scoring aspect was something that isn’t always thought of – back seat space. Many families often want to go with an SUV for the space capacity; however, in this day and age of sleek looking SUVs, the big focus is on fuel economy and one of the first things to go is leg room in the back seat in order to make the vehicle smaller or weigh less. The Q5 is a great option for families with adolescent children that have long legs. When it comes to the technology inside the car, Audi as perfected much of what other car manufactures fail to do, that being putting all of the controls in the perfect spot. An example of this would be the controls for the navigation screen. The curser for the controls are located close to where the normal cup holder would be – which is where the hand lies when you are driving. This enables you to control the navi screen without having to reach forward to make changes.

3. Third on the list is the Volvo XC60. This is one of the finest luxury SUVs that is on the road today, and safety is the key in this automobile. Volvo has always been big on safety and because of this, they have often produced box-like slow cars. This is not the case with the 2013 XC60. This car offers adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, driver alert control, distance alert, and blind spot information system. All of these safety aspects will make this luxury crossover SUV a top pick in many families. As far as the performance goes in the XC60, the turbo charged t6 model will produce 300 horsepower that can take on any road, hill, or mountain pass. Another nice thing about the XC60 is that it is a tall car. This model as almost 10 inches of clearance from the ground to the car’s bottom. This might make buyers leery of the car’s handling, however, the XC60 stays flat to the road and handles very nicely around some of the toughest hairpin turns. This car also has a phenomenal cargo capacity. There is plenty of head room in this car, and with the seats down, can easily fit a mountain bike with the front wheel on – something that smaller luxury SUVs are having a difficult time doing these days. One of the main reasons that this automobile is number three on the list rather than number one or two is the fuel efficiency. This car gets an EPA estimated 17 city and 23 highway, which is significantly lower than the Infinity EX and the Audi Q5. Now, if the consumer is truly looking for a larger SUV, this is going to be more efficient than an escalade or H3 hummer but still offer that all wheel drive that many like with the larger SUVs.

4. The BMW X3 is number four on our list of top luxury SUVs of 2013. One of the biggest differences on the 2013 X3 is the redesign. This car that went beyond many consumers expectations. This SUV is just about the same size as the 2006 X5 which actually makes it a great buy for growing families looking for space in their car. While this SUV is on the larger side of luxury SUVs, it still drives great. The steering in the car is very tight and the steering wheel is incredibly responsive, making this a very fun automobile to drive. The X3 offers an 8 speed automatic transmission that contributes to the great fuel economy that the consumer will get with this car. It has been said to rival other 4-cylinder engines when it comes to fuel economy.

5. Last on today’s list of top luxury SUVs in 2013 is the BMW X1. The X1, while incredibly luxurious, is not that big. This is the main reason we wanted to put the X1 at number 5. The X1 is starting to get really close to the “larger sedan” size when it is advertised as the crossover SUV. With that being said, the X1 has tons to offer the average consumer. The nicest thing about this car is that, even in the base model, you will get the turbo charged 4-cylinder engine. This engine has an incredible amount of pep and will get up to speed in a hurry. Another big selling point in the X1 is that it has “X-Drive” which is the name given to the all wheel drive system. This will allow consumers in the northern hemisphere to seriously consider purchasing considering the amount of snow that normally falls.

2013 has offered many luxury SUVs, and while there are many to choose from, the top 5 are going to be great buys no matter where you are at.


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