Guide to Crossover SUVs

More and more people are turning to the luxury and convenience of a crossover SUV. The crossover SUV is basically a vehicle that has the looks of an SUV with the performance and comfort of a car. The crossover SUV has been on the market in some form or fashion for decades, and is sometimes also referred to as a crossover utility vehicle or CUV.

The crossover SUV handles much like a traditional car and offers the same type of fuel economy, handling, and ride that you would expect from a car. The body of the crossover SUV offers higher ground clearance, however, along with increased passenger hauling capacity. Most crossover SUVs also offer all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive capabilities that allow the crossover to be used in all types of weather and on diverse terrain.

The crossover SUV was actually first seen as a design back in the 1950s when the Soviet Union produced the 410 by Moskovitch. The 1980s saw a modern update with the introduction of the AMC Eagle, which combined the features of the wagon, hatchback, and sedan. Subaru, however, is considered to be a pioneer of the crossover SUV, with its introduction of the Outback and Forester, which are crossover SUVs that are still beloved today.

While the safety of crossovers had been questions, strides have been made in recent years that have made most crossovers safer than ever. A report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows real-world data to back up the fact that SUVs, including crossovers, are now less likely to roll over than before, due to the vehicles now being made to ride higher than cars and to be heavier than cars. This enhanced safety is due largely to the adoption of various electronic stability system components that prevent a lot of the conditions that contribute to rollover accidents. For instance, some models can actually detect when a rollover is in progress and initiate steps to stop it from occurring. This is available on the Land Rover and the Volvo currently, and may be seen on more crossover SUVs in the future.

There are other safety features available on crossover SUVs today that are worth mentioning, too. Side curtain airbags are fairly standard now on the crossover, and this is one of the best types of airbags because of the fact that it deploys down from the ceiling in counteract some of the impact that comes through the side windows of the crossover.

Another safety feature to look for is warning systems that warn against collision. These features are able to sense an impending collision in order to alert the driver to take action. In some vehicles, this system will actually deploy the brakes on its own. This was once a feature that was only available on luxury cars, but nowadays it is pretty much standard on many models from Subaru, Jeep, Ford, and Chevrolet.

Blind spot detectors can also be useful in the crossover SUV. These detectors can help you to avoid accidents in the so-called blind spot and can be a tactile, visual or audible alert system. However, these detectors are only worth looking into if you are willing to use them as they are designed. Just like the rearview mirror is an excellent tool if you use it right, so is the blind spot detector system.


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