2013 BMW X5 Review Guide

If you are looking into buying a luxury SUV that has great value, a BMW X5 might be a perfect fit for you and your family. The X5 is on the higher end of the 2013 luxury SUV price scales, but offers many things that other vehicles don’t.


The first aspect of this car that stood out to us is the exterior styling. BMW has done a great job at making this car stand out stylistically without making it look gaudy and cartoonish. The tire well is significantly larger than other luxury SUVs that allow BMW to put in striking twenty-inch wheels. This helps give the X5 a look that gives off a fast and powerful vibe yet still elegant enough for those consumers that are looking for a nice family car rather than that of a performance racing vehicle.

The biggest change in the X5 is the addition of a 3rd row seat that will offer families with younger children or pets a little more room. With that said, however, we will place an emphasis on the little aspect of that third row. If an adult were to get in the third row, they would have their knees crushed by the second row as it was put back up. That third row in the far back is truly geared for pets and small children due to its lack of legroom. This does make the X5 fall in the middle of a five or seven passenger car.


When driving the car on a smooth road with very little bumps or hairpin turns, we found that the car was an absolute joy. The smooth ride of the X5 could even rival that of a Cadillac. With that being said, though, once we took the X5 on a road that was not as groomed, it became quite rough. The large 20-inch wheels and sport suspension did not make for a very smooth ride. A consumer will have to think about where they are going to be doing most of their driving if they are considering buying this car. If you do not care about whether or not the ride of the car you purchase is smooth or not, this could be a perfect fit.

Another perk about the X5 was the ability to accelerate and handle around those tight turns. The thick steering wheel makes the driver feel in control and know exactly where the wheels are on the pavement. There are very few large SUVs that handle as well as the X5 and this car will even make you feel like you are sometimes in a sport sedan.

Under The Hood

Under the hood you will have a dual turbo engine that will give you 300 horsepower in its base model. If you go up to the sport edition you will see a bump up to 315 HP and 330 lb ft. of torque, which makes for an exhilarating ride. When we did our 0-60 speed test we were at a mile above sea level, so there was less air density, which leads to less oxygen to the engine. The turbo engine did make up for the lack of oxygen however. We were able to get to 60 miles per hour in about 6.9 seconds which, for a two-ton vehicle, is amazing.

Gas Mileage

When it comes to power and the economical aspects of the X5, you truly do have to think about what you would rather have – a car with less power but better fuel economy or a powerful car that has a lower MPG. The X5 definitely aligns with the latter with a combined MPG of 18.2 miles per gallon. Ten years ago this might have been pretty decent in an SUV, but nowadays there are SUVs that are pushing 30+ MPG. With that said, if a consumer has the money to spend on an X5, they probably don’t mind the lower MPG, and will definitely enjoy the amazing power in the engine. Another alternative to the X5 is the diesel version that will greatly increase the MPG while still allowing for a great driving experience.


The interior is where this car shines the brightest. All the materials are soft to the touch, the heated steering wheel is great to use on cold winter days, and the technology in the cabin is second to none. When we were driving down the road in the X5 we felt that all the controls were incredibly easy to access and there was no confusion. Many times in luxury vehicles the manufacture will put an excessive number of buttons and knobs in the dash that make it look cluttered and confusing. The dash in the X5 is streamlined and efficient.

If you are looking for a larger SUV, rather than a smaller crossover and you love the German engineering that comes in the BMWs, we highly recommend checking out the X5.


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