The Ultimate Hybrid SUVs 2013 Guide

The hybrid SUV market is hot, hot, hot, and we all know why – high gas prices. If you’re in the market to buy a hybrid SUV, then please take a few minutes to read the information in this guide. You will find this information extremely valuable when the time comes to buy your next Hybrid SUV.

Ranked #1 – 2013 Lexus RX Hybrid

The 2013 Lexus RX Hybrid is considered a luxury midsize SUV. The 3.5-liter V6 engine, combined with an electric motor, gives the driver more than enough power with 295 horsepower punch under the hood. If there’s any knock when it comes to power its in the acceleration department. Acceleration is said to be a little sluggish. Handling is good, steering is firm, and fuel economy is 32 mpg in the city – which is very good for a luxury midsize SUV.

The Lexus RX reliability ratings are top in its class. As you would expect, there are quite a few positive reviews when it comes to repair costs. Ownership and repair costs are quite low compared to other hybrids in this class.

Lexus designed an ultra quiet interior so passengers can enjoy all the standard high-tech features, like headrest DVD players and a iPod interface.

Lexus has always topped the list of SUVs, now it tops the list for the ultimate Hybrid SUVs.

Price: $45,230 – $47,310

Ranked #2 – 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid bounces in the ratings between number 2 and 4, but we have put it at a solid 2 because of reliability and safety.

The Highlander is not considered a luxury SUV, but it is categorized as a midsize SUV. The Highlander may not be considered luxurious, but it still has a comfortable ride at an affordable price. There are two electric motors and a V6 engine powering the Highlander. Fuel economy is 28 mpg – this is for both city and highway driving.

Handling is firm, acceleration is good, and the braking system is responsive. All in all the Highlander Hybrid is considered a great buy for a midsize Hybrid SUV.

Price: $38,750 – $44,910

Ranked #3 – 2013 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid

The Volkswagen Touareg is another hybrid SUV in the luxury midsize class.

In this vehicle Volkswagen has focused on power and comfort. Many of the reviews we’ve found say “the Touareg acceleration is the best in its class, the eight-speed automatic transmission is smooth as silk, and the suspension system contributes to overall superb handling and a comfortable ride.”

The fuel economy isn’t as good as other hybrids, 20/25 mpg city/highway, but taking into consideration the power this hybrid puts out…it’s not bad.

Interior cabin space is quite good, and taller passengers have no complaints riding in either the front or back seats. Standard features include: heated leather seats, Bluetooth, navigation system, and a upgraded stereo system.

If power and comfort is your main priority in a SUV hybrid, then the Volkswagen Touareg is the right ride for you.

Price: $62,465 – $64,235

Ranked #4 – 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

Classified as a large SUV, the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid comes in at the top of the list. This SUV has third-row seating and can accommodate up to eight passengers.

Customers in the market for a hybrid SUV this size want cabin space, cargo space, and towing power – the Tahoe qualifies. The Tahoe comes with two electric motors, a V8 engine, and a electric variable transmission (EVT). This combination is more than enough power for most situations. Fuel economy is a respectable 20/23 mpg city/highway.

The Tahoe has both rear and four-wheel drive. Handling is better on the highway compared to the city; this is not uncommon with vehicles this size. Passengers riding in the first two rows will find it very comfortable but it’s a different story when it comes to the third-row seats. Even small children will find it a bit tight riding in the back row.

Standard features include: rear view camera, Bluetooth, touch screen navigation, Sirrus radio, and entertainment system.

Price: $51,235 – $54,450

People still love SUVs, but they are well aware that fuel prices are high and might go higher – the luxury hybrid SUV seems to be attracting more attention these days. If you are looking for the ultimate hybrid SUV, then you must look at out top selections first.


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