Everything About SUV Rental

A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is the best option if you go on road trips or vacations with large amounts of luggage. It’s also a convenient option if you have a large family, as all the members can sit comfortably on its spacious seats. You can also go off road on a SUV with equal ease. So SUV rentals can take you “where no on has gone before”! Although suburban dwellers are used to economy or midsize vehicles, renting a SUV offers numerous perks at a price which is not higher than the cost of renting a full sized car.

With so many reputable car rental companies, renting a SUV is as easy as renting a car, and most of them supply wide range of vehicles of different makes and models to suit every taste.

What are the benefits of renting a SUV?

By renting an SUV you get so many advantages and options that other hatchbacks and sedans cannot provide. SUV’s have been designed to be off-road vehicles. This allows you to transverse difficult tracks and explore most of the off road locations with ease. These vehicles also have a much higher towing capacity and can easily tow range of boats and trailers. Therefore, you have greater flexibility when planning your holidays, and you can even move houses without using a rental truck. SUV’s have lots of boot space, which allows storage of numerous boxes and large amounts of luggage.

The seats of SUV’s can be easily configured to retrieve even greater amounts of space. Most of them have larger rear door which allows for easier loading of boxes and luggage. SUV’s offer world class comfort and come with all mod cons such as air conditioning, CD players, XFM radio/CD/iPod connection, GPS navigation system and Plasma screen, DVD, cruise control and automatic transmission. Today’s SUV’s are not gas guzzlers and have a decent mileage. They can easily seat 5 adults and some models can even be adapted for 7 people.

How to rent an SUV

When you have plans to rent a SUV for holidays or to move house, you should explore few rental companies for deals and best prices. Any reputable rental companies offer deals on SUV’s and are ready to accommodate your wishes. You should also look for discount coupons and don’t forget to enter the number or present your coupon at the time of booking. In order to ensure availability of SUV, you should book it in advance.

When you book your SUV, the rental company will request you to nominate some date and pick-up location as well as drop-off location if you won’t be returning back to the same place. They also offer many extra’s such as child seats, GPS, fuel services, extra insurance and so on. You can consider some or these depending upon your requirements. SUV’s can be easily rented from on-line rental companies, in-person, or through a travel agent.

A SUV is a great choice when you have plans on renting a car for moving houses or holidays. So do your research and choose the best deal at the best price.


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