Finding the Best SUVs Featuring Third Row Seating

More individuals find themselves seeking the opportunities that exist with owning an SUV. Consumers enjoy the opportunity of having the ability to seat up to seven individuals while also having the power necessary to tow items such as boats or trailers. When looking at the wide variety of SUVs available, it is important to take advantage of opportunities that include third row seating. This option is very important to help an individual maximize the space the vehicle and seat seven or eight people comfortably.

When looking at the opportunities available with third row seating, identify the type of seating you will be investing in. Most conventional SUVs have a front row and a secondary row that passengers are able to sit in. When it comes to the optional third row there are two styles. Some SUVs feature a third row that is permanent, meaning the seats will not fold down, cannot be removed from the vehicle, and represent permanent features. If you have a large family this is ideal since the hassle of raising and lowering seats can be troublesome.

The other style of third row seating that is most common in current SUVs is found with collapsible seating. This style folds down flat in order to extend the rear of your vehicle so that it has greater holding capacity. This can be ideal for many vehicle owners since it does not represent a permanent restriction and can easily allow for expansion of the rear. When investing in a vehicle with this option, make sure you take the time to fully understand how your third row seats collapsed. While some vehicles require that you manually do this, other vehicles have electronic features that will collapse the seats for you.

When looking at the many different SUV opportunities that are available to you featuring third row seating, make sure you take the time to identify features that appeal to you. Some SUVs feature maximum space, others look to promote fuel economy, and others focus on promoting power for towing. To help you find the best SUV featuring third row seating, the following identifies five of the best models available for an individual to take advantage of.

Buick Enclave

If luxury represents an important aspect in your car buying process, the opportunities of the Buick Enclave can be your best investment. This vehicle is higher in price and features a luxurious interior that is superior to other vehicle models. The enclave provides vehicle owners with 17 city and 24 highway mpg which is comparable to the CX-9 and Traverse. The Enclave features collapsible third row seating and can comfortably fit seven passengers. The second row of seating features a sliding system so your passengers can easily reach the third row.

Mazda CX-9

If you are attracted to the speed and sporty performance of a traditional vehicle and are uncomfortable with the idea of driving a large SUV, the Mazda CX-9 can be ideal for you. This is a lighter weight SUV that has sporty handling and acceleration. The CX-9 features mpg that includes 17 city and 24 highway. This is a seven passenger vehicle that includes a third row that is collapsible to help expand rear holding capacity. It is important to note that while the CX-9 does feature a third row of seating, it is not designed to comfortably support a passenger taller than six feet.

Toyota RAV4

If gas mileage is a concern for you when it comes to investing in an SUV featuring third row seating, then the RAV4 can be a quality opportunity. This compact SUV features 22 city and 28 highway mpg which is far superior to most SUV models. The RAV4 comfortably fits individuals in the first and second rows and the collapsible third row should only be utilized by children since the space is limited.

Dodge Durango

If you are an individual who regularly likes to take advantage of towing opportunities for trailers or boats, the solutions of the Dodge Durango can be ideal. This vehicle features a Pentastar V-6 engine and is also available in the more powerful Hemi V-8 engine. Third row collapsible seating is comfortable enough to fit both children and adults through fuel economy is lower. The V-6 features a 16 city and 23 highway mpg while the V-8 features a 14 city and 20 highway mpg. If you are willing to sacrifice gas mileage for power, the Dodge Durango represents a smart investment.

Chevrolet Traverse

When it comes to interior space, the Chevrolet Traverse represents the best investment opportunity for an individual or family. As a Top Safety Pick this vehicle provides space, comfort and the highest levels of vehicle safety. Like the Enclave and CX-9 this SUV offers 17 city and 24 highway mpg. Additionally, this is the only SUV featured that comfortably seats up to eight people.


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