The 2 Door SUV’s Guide

The 2 Door SUV’s Guide to top rated models for auto buyers in 2013 offers a glance into the latest high performance vehicles in the class. Since they first rolled out as pilots in the 1980s the two door SUV vehicle segment has grown moderately in global presence in response to competition by four door and six door models.

The ultimate design for recreational driving the SUV undergoes continuous research and development for redesign and upgrades to meet global consumer demand. Now more luxurious, tougher and powerful than ever two door SUVs are far more fuel efficient than earlier models. With exceptional capacity in accommodation, entertainment and safety technologies, the most recent SUVs are all terrain driving at its best.

Best in class SUV exhibition of the top vehicles in the segment by brand in 2013 are sportier than before. Checkout the fuel efficiency and emissions controls in 2013 SUV models. The 2 door SUV market includes models that are low GHG emissions with more fuel-efficiency in small SUV segment. The rising trend in small crossover SUVs and mini SUVs means that fuel efficiency and emissions monitoring will continue to be important purchase factors for consumers.

When shopping for a 2 door SUV, there are things consumers should review about the performance of sport utilities. In response to consumer demand, auto manufacturers have increased production of small and mini SUV models to promote higher profits. Mid-sized and full-sized two door SUVs are also more fuel efficient than before. The following are the results:

• Mini 2 Door SUVs

Mini two door SUVs are undersized in auto body, and cost efficient in fuel consumption. These models are incredible in high mileage gas savings. For 2013, some of the favorites are the Hummer Pick-up Truck H3T (20 mpg) and Volkswagen Concept mini SUV. The latter is acknowledged for its roadster design. The Audi Steppenwolf is a crossover compact that is as stylish as a luxury vehicle.

• Small 2 Door SUVs

Preferred by a new generation of auto buyers, small 2 door SUVs have standard 4WD but are not necessarily suitable for extensive off-road driving. The exception is the Jeep Wrangler with advanced performance capabilities in this area. The Wrangler comes equipped with 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission, as well as a 4 to 6 cylinder engine and 202 hp with 237 lbs-feet torque. Love the mileage on this one (15 mpg) City and (19 mpg) Highway. Suzuki Samurai has rolled out a great two door SUV that is not only small, but affordable in sticker price. The Suzuki Sidekick is even more for your money in a two door body design.

• Mid-Sized 2 Door SUVs

The two door Ford Explorer Sport has a 4.0 liter V6 engine with optional 4WD or rear wheel-drive. Anti-lock brakes are an option in the latter edition. Comparable to Ford’s mid-sized model is the Mazda Navajo, which similar to the Explorer Sport has a two door sport utility vehicle that is ready to drive anywhere.

• Full-Sized 2 Door SUVs

When the Chevrolet Tahoe two door SUV manufactured by General Motors was released simultaneous to Motor Trend magazine ‘Truck of the Year’ award to the company for its Blazer, GM’s double bill outperformed the rest. Competitive advantage seen in GM’s SUV includes the 5.7 liter V8 engine able to exceed 255 hp at 4,600 rpm with engine’s torque up to 330 lb-feet at 2,800 rpm. Both models offer a 4-speed automatic transmission. Easy all weather driving in the ultimate comfort of a full-sized SUV.


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