Diesel SUV’s 2013 Guide

Diesel power, that’s what drives some of these 2013 SUV’s and the marketplace has some pretty interesting models to choose from this year.

2013 Volkswagen Touareg

Mileage: city 20 mpg, highway 29 mpg, combined 23 mpg.
Price Range: $44,540 – $62,340

Overview – Volkswagen has put their highly acclaimed diesel engine in four different body styles. Adding 4 wheel drive to these models makes handling responsive in most any type of weather conditions. The ride is smooth and the interior has all the luxuries you would expect from a high-end SUV.

In 2013 the diesel models get a boost in power – 240 horsepower. The EPA ratings are only slightly higher compared to past years models. The Touareg is one of the roomiest SUV’s in its class due to the fact that there is no third row seating. This allows driver and passengers to enjoy a comfortable, smooth, quite ride on short or long trips.

2013 Mercedes GLK350 BlueTEC 4MATIC

Mileage: city 23 mpg, highway 28 mpg, combined 25 mpg.
Price Range: $37,500 – $39.590

Overview – The GLK350 is Mercedes, if you want to call it this, their “budget model SUV.” For an SUV it has great maneuverability, strong acceleration, and good interior elbow room. Adding a little bit to the interior room is the relocation of the shift controller. It has been moved from the floor to the console.

The GLK rides like a car but has enough room to seat five comfortably. And if you need to haul things, then just fold down the rear seat and you have 56 cubic feet of space at your disposal. If you want more traction and gripping power on the road then consider the 4Matic 4-wheel drive option.

The Mercedes GLK is a great SUV for the city. It’s easy to maneuver and the price is attractive too.

2013 Audi Q7

Mileage: city 19 mpg, highway 28 mpg, combined 22 mpg.
Price Range: $45,400 – $59,340

Overview – One of the top performance and luxury SUV’s in its class, the Audi Q7 offers the consumer several body styles to choose from and a few drive train choices (including AWD). There are a few changes in the diesel engine. It is now 65 pounds lighter and they have boosted the output to 240 horsepower. These changes are what has accounted for the increased fuel efficiency (14 percent increase) over last years model.

Safety is one of the key features of the Audi Q7. The Q7 has received a 5 Star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and it’s also in the top tier for safety according to the Crash Test and Safety Organization (IIHS).

The Q7 has third row seating, so you can easily accommodate 7 passengers with lots of leg room to spare. Luxury and safety is what you are investing in when you purchase the Audi Q7.

2013 BMW X5 (35D)

Mileage: city 19 mpg, highway 26 mpg, combined 22 mpg.
Price Range: $48,230 – $63,670

Overview – The X5 is an excellent family vehicle offering performance, luxury, and safety all in one SUV. The X5 does have a third row seat (optional), but it’s not that comfortable for adults; small children are better suited for the third row. Besides this, the X5 offers drive train packages that can handle any type of weather conditions.

The X5 exhibits German technology at its best. Luxury throughout, and a car like ride make the X5 a “must see” for families that like to travel in style.

Diesel technology has come a long way. Diesel engines burn fuel more efficiently, this is one reason they get better mileage compared to gasoline engines. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs or distributors, so there are no expenses for tune-ups. Diesel engines are built “tougher” compared to gasoline engines, so they last longer. And finally, diesel engines have more torque. This means they have more power from a standing start and they can tow more weight compared to regular gas engines.


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