Best Minivan 2013-2014 Guide

Buying a quality minivan can be an important purchase decision for potential buyers. Most buyers want to find a minivan that is not only stylish, but also functional. Since many people will be transporting their family in the minivan, they want to find something safe and spacious. Regardless of the condition of the car, the potential owner wants to find a car that is affordable and that will not require expensive repairs over time. A potential owner should take his or her time and research all of the minivans available, so that he or she will purchase something quality and cost effective. Here are some of the Best Minivan Models for 2013 and 2014.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a very nice van, which can help transport a large family. Experts have said that the inside of the Odyssey is spacious, making this one of the highest ranking minivans on the market. This particular car has top notch safety rankings and gets adequate gas mileage. The 2013 Honda Odyssey is especially nice because consumers say it drives just like a car. The MSRP for this car is about $28,000.

Toyota Sienna

2013 Toyota Sienna also received high ratings form experts and consumers because of the comfort and style. The Sienna rides very smoothly on the highway and also on the street. This car has a V6 engine and has a very strong transmission, making the car extremely powerful. This car, which can seat eight people, has an MSRP of about $27,000. Most people who test drive these minivans are completely satisfied with this car.

The Mazda Mazda 5

The Mazda Mazda 5 is also a very nice car that has received wonderful ratings from consumers. This particular minivan is a smaller, more compact minivan. Although there are only six seats, the interior is still fairly spacious, classy and nice. The price is very affordable: the MSRP is about $20,000, making it one of the least expensive minivans on the market. Since it is a smaller minivan, it is fun to drive because it feels just like a normal car. This is a great car for a smaller family who need a fuel-efficient, affordable minivan.

Chrysler Town and Country

This particular minivan is also another favorite among the experts and consumers. It does have a strong V6 engine and a strong fairly quiet automatic transmission. Many people who purchase this particular van love how the seats fold into the floor. This allows for additional space if the consumer wants to transport something large. This is a fairly large minivan that holds about seven people comfortably. One of the more pricey minivans, the MSRP starts at about $30,000. There are many upgrades and other interesting amenities that you can include in the car, which can cause the cost rise.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The main reason people love the Dodge Grand Caravan is because it is very affordable. This van holds about seven adults and the MSRP is about $21,000. This van has a powerful V6 engine and six-speed transmission and gets about adequate gas mileage. Although many believe the van does not handle as well as other vans, the Dodge Grand Caravan can hold a great deal of cargo. This can make it an ideal car if you are planning to do a great deal of transporting. Like other minivans, the seats do fold into the floor, creating even more space.

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest is a nice alternative to the large, traditional looking minivan. This minivan can only seat about seven people, making it one of the smaller minivans on the market. The Nissan Quest car drives pretty well on the streets and also the highway. The driver is able to make turns around corner with ease with this car. The interior of the Nissan Quest has a nice, sleek design, making it one of the more attractive minivans on the market. Depending on the included upgrades, the MSRP for this van can range from $26,000 to almost $40,000.

When purchasing your minivan, make sure to further research all of the models before the test drive. You will then want to test drive all of the models that interest you. Just because a car ranks fairly high amongst the consumer or experts, doesn’t mean it is the perfect car for you. Also, if you are purchasing a new 2013 or 2014 minivan, make sure to compare the costs of particular upgrades. For example, a particular car may be cheaper. However, you may want a certain upgrade, which may increase the cost of the car tremendously. Make sure to also understand all of the provided warranties and what particular repairs are covered by the car. If you are patient and research all of the minivan options, then you will find a nice car for your family. There are many 2013 and 2014 minivan options available that are affordable and nice.


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