The 2014 Most Reliable SUV’s

America’s love affair with the SUV is not over, but it’s definitely being redefined. Many of the newer SUVs have progressed from large, gas guzzling vehicles to styles that look more like cars and are easier on the wallet. In spite of all the options available to consumers when purchasing an SUV, factors such as reliability and safety are still primary concerns. How often a vehicle will need repairing and how much those repairs will cost are two factors that primarily determine reliability. Another aspect of reliability is measured by how well you can depend on a vehicle during inclement weather and difficult driving conditions. The following are the 5 most reliable SUVs for 2014. The list includes large and luxurious SUVs as well as compact and gas efficient models.

Subaru Forester

The 2014 Subaru Forester is ranked as one of the safest small SUVs according to the Institute of Highway Safety. It was the only SUV in its category to receive a good ranking in every area that was tested in front end crashes. The Forester offers powerful acceleration, standard all wheel drive, and has high ground clearance for a smaller SUV. Not only is this vehicle safe, but it’s one of the most affordable. This compact crossover is extremely versatile. It has a reputation for being able to go everywhere and fit every occasion. Starting at $21,995 this car will likely be one of the top sellers among the crop of new SUVs.

Toyota 4runner

Toyota has done a great job keeping the 4runner relevant after many years as a top seller in the market. This is truly an off road vehicle that works well in suburbia. This is a vehicle that can tow up to 5000 pounds yet has a modern, stylish design. A rear backup camera is now standard with every 4runner. Even though there are a lot of new features and changes in the 2014 model, there are basically no changes with the engine or the chassis. Mechanically the 2014 model is the same as the previous model. This is good news for those who use their 4runner for off road activities. Toyota claims that 75 percent of all 4runners sold since its debut in 1984 are still on the road. That’s a strong case for not only reliability, but that the owners truly enjoy the vehicle. The Toyota 4runner is not only reliable, but with a base price of $33,000 it is overall one of the best SUVs on the market.

Lexus RX 350

The Lexus is known for safety and reliability. This SUV has great stability and traction control. With a V-6 engine the 350 is powerful yet provides the smooth ride you would expect from a Lexus. This model has been rated high for dependability in winter driving. Lexus has consistently been ranked one of the most reliable vehicles on the road every since its debut. Starting at $44,950 it is the most affordable of the SUVs Lexus has to offer.

Honda CR-V

Honda has an exceptional track record when it comes to reliability. The transmission, breaks, and steering have received excellent reliability ratings in the past and the 2014 model looks to be even stronger. This model has more leg room and a new engine. The new CR-V has a more rugged, aggressive body style. This model features a three bar grille across the front and a deep, sculpted design. With increased torque expect improved performance. There’s the choice of all wheel drive or front wheel drive. With prices ranging in the mid twenties, it’s hard to beat the CR-V for style and reliability.

Cadillac Escalade

This large, luxury SUV provides both stunning looks and reliability. This vehicle offers a powerful V-8 engine and strong breaks. Even though the Escalade has a large, boxy truck look, it still manages to come across as the elegant, luxury vehicle it is. Most negatives regarding the Escalade are about cramped seating in the third row and a limited amount of small item storage space. With the starting price at $63,745, it is the priciest on the list. But it’s hard to beat the Escalade when it comes to dependability and versatility. Whether it’s a night on the town or loading up for a weekend getaway, the Cadillac Escalade fits the bill.


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