The Best SUV for a Family of 5

For most people when a baby is born the first thing they want to do is look for a safer vehicle. Once the family has reached, oh say five, then questions arise concerning not only safety, but also room and affordability. Countless families have consigned themselves to a mini-van thinking that was the best way. Thanks to crossover SUVs, larger families are no longer doomed to the mini-van!

Under the hood of the Santa Fe

There are some fantastic crossover SUVs on the market right now that are not only affordable, but dependable and safe as well. When any type of SUV is considered, it is due to a desire for a vehicle that can handle various road and weather conditions, as well as haul various passengers and cargo. The Hyundai Santa Fe stands out for larger families. There are several trim packages. The Sport is probably the more popular and comes with a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine. This smaller engine still offers 190 horsepower without sending its owner to the gas station everyday. The Sport’s estimated miles per gallon is 29city/29hwy. Even the Sport 2.0T that has a turbo charged 2.0 liter engine and pulls 264 horsepower, has an estimated miles per gallon of 20city/27hwy. Not bad at all. The starting MSRP for the Sport is about 24,700 and the Sport 2.0T is 27,950.

Features of the Santa Fe

All of the Santa Fe models come with some basic features such as Bluetooth and iPod capabilities, spacious interiors, satellite radio, and an optional navigation system. However, as stated earlier, families tend to look at some essential things like safety and room, before the other perks. Although the Sport trims are nice they do only seat a maximum of five. If your family is looking to only haul people, and if you are a family of five, and are never planning on having a guest within your vehicle, then the sport is ideal. We all know that scenario is not likely, but for a family of 3-4, the Sport would work nicely. Luckily Hyundai offers a GLS and Limited version for their 2013 Santa Fe. The only true difference is the seating. The GLS can seat up to seven, but the Limited only seats up to six. The reason for this is due to the second seat row in the Limited, now has two captain chairs. Basic perks and options are basically the same across the board for all trim models of the Santa Fe, however, the panoramic sunroof that is offered on the other models is not on the GLS. The GLS has a starting MSRP of 28,350 and the Limited is 33,100. Both have a 3.3 liter V6 engine and a miles per gallon of 18city/25hwy can be expected. This is a decent miles per gallon, and you can still enjoy the subtle yet thrilling feel of 390 horsepower.

The Santa Fe and safety

The big thing now is safety. All models come with anti lock brakes, and traction and stability control. That will guarantee a safer ride on wet or icy roads. The government front and side crash rating for the Santa Fe earned an impressive five stars. The side, curtain, and front airbags are large contributors to that rating, as well as the descent control and what is called “hill hold”.
Standard on all models is Blue Link which is Hyundai’s emergency system. It includes numerous services that include remote access and theft recovery.
Overall the Santa Fe, regardless of model, is the ideal SUV for larger families. There are other comparable SUVs, but none with all of the things in one that families tend to look at. The Hyundai Santa Fe offers affordability, roominess, and safety.


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