The New BMW i3

BMW Rolls Out Its Latest Hi-Tech Car

The latest car to come from luxury manufacturer BMW is an electric vehicle. The BMW i3 is being called the ultimate urban car thanks to its compact space and electric power.
The concept was first introduced back in 2011. However, this car is the first of its kind as BMW unveiled its latest across the globe. The car’s design is considered sleek and sexy when it is compared to other electric models. It also has distinct details that make it a true BMW such as the square edges, kidney bean grill, and a chic leather interior. However, this little electric car is a whole new direction for BMW.

The 411 on the i3

The car is expected to retail at $41,000 for the most basic model with an additional five thousand tacked on for a car with a range extender. However, thanks to its specialized battery and electric power, the car will be easy and inexpensive to fuel. The car is also said to drive extremely well in accordance to other BMW models, but there have not been any test drives offered yet. Do not let its compact size or electric power fool you because this car can reach 60 mph in just over 3.5 seconds.

The basic model can go up to a hundred miles on a full charge whereas the range extender version will allow the car to travel up to a 200 miles radius. The battery can be fully charged in 3 hours with 220 volts. However, there is a more powerful charged that can get it to one hundred percent in under half an hour.

The Ultimate Urban Car

This car is being targeted towards chic urban livers who want to invest in an electric car that is both sleek and compact. One of the more unique features of the car is that it has no middle pillar. The car is open and seamless as this allows for easier movement inside the car. The ultimate purpose of this feature means that the driver can easily exit through the passenger door when parking on a city street. The i3 also has a very small turning radius at 32 feet which will make it easy to drive in urban areas.

Sustainable and Sexy

The BMW i3 is also more than just an electric car designed to reduce its impact on the environment. It is also outfitted with sustainable materials. For example, the car’s interior is made up of at least twenty percent of recycled plastic. The wood found on the dashboard is also made from forests that are harvested with care and responsibility. The overall design of the i3 is much sleeker than previous electric car models. In fact, the head designer explained that the car was designed to be more than just a “post-apocalyptic military vehicle.” Thus, the car’s smooth and luxurious design make it more than just the average electric car.

Basic Statistics:

  • 170 horse power
  • 80-100 mile radius on full charge
  • Max Speed: 93 mph
  • Sustainable Material


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