The Best SUV of 2014: A Buyer’s Guide

SUV’s have been around for years, catering to both men on a job site on Monday afternoon as well as soccer moms on a Saturday morning. It is no secret to their success: they offer large capacity seating and storage, are enclosed to protect objects and occupants, and quite frankly, look a lot better than a minivan. The question is, which one is right for you? With so many different makes and models available, it is very easy to get lost in details and end up with a decision you regret later on. This guide’s purpose is to help you avoid such a fate, with descriptions and details of the top SUV models out. With the proper knowledge of the top options, choosing the best SUV of 2014 should be reduced to an easy task for those in the market to buy.

What qualities should you be looking for?

Top SUV’s are rated according to three specific attributes: The quality of the manufacturer’s model, the reliability of the vehicle to sustain years on the road, and the resale value it maintains after it becomes a used car. If an SUV can meet your needs in each of these categories, it is one you can purchase confidently.

The Budget Minded

One quality option for those looking to purchase an SUV is the 2014 Toyota Rav 4. Toyota is well established as a quality, yet affordable auto maker with an excellent track record for satisfying its customers. The 2014 Rav 4 is no different. With a starting price in the mid $20,000 range and 29 mpg highway, the Rav 4 offers affordability both off the lot as well as down the road. Toyota brings the Rav 4 along a classy, stylish interior with leather style seating and push button start to exude luxury. As a 4 cylinder engine, you won’t be towing cruise ships anytime soon, but the majority of people will never come close. Crash testing has proven the Rav 4 to be an extremely safe vehicle, and Toyota is well known to produce quality products that often outlast the competition. On the downside, the Rav 4 is certainly not the most spacious vehicle, being classified as a “Compact Crossover” SUV. This leads to less capacity, and less overall “Utility” usage of the Sports Utility Vehicle package. Despite these drawbacks, the Rav 4 retains tremendous resale value; as all Toyota vehicles are known to do. For the budget minded SUV customer, the Rav 4 might be the way to go – but it is not the best.

More Bang For Your Buck

If we look a little bit higher on the SUV option list, we would find the incredibly versatile and reliable 2014 Nissan Murano S SUV. At a price range entering the mid $30,000 level, the Murano comes with a higher budget. With that, however, comes great reward. Sporting a powerful V6 engine, rear-view camera and even a blind spot notification system, the Murano steps up the game in terms of power and applicability. An excellent navigation system, many packages for towing and cargo, and even a highway mpg in the mid 20’s, Nissan offers an excellent option that can easily perform any duty an SUV could be called on to do. Nissan is known for its reliability, making the vehicle reliable years down the road with standard maintenance. If there is a downside, it is that Nissan vehicles tend to not retain resale value as well as some of their counterparts, as their name is only recently being considered in the more reliable and quality category of car makers. Despite this, it is hard to argue against the Nissan Murano being an excellent SUV to own, and one that will serve you well for years to come. But there is one SUV that stands above it, and it really shouldn’t surprise too many people.

Good, Better… Best

When you think of excellent quality, reliability, resale value and even luxury, Mercedes-Benz has to be the complete picture of all that realized. With a lengthy history of quality car making in the rear-view, a dedication to perfection, and now a dedication to make such quality affordable, it is a no-brainer that Mercedes-Benz makes it to the top of the list. Starting in the mid $30,000 range and approaching 30 mpg highway, the Mercedes-Benz GLK seeks to solve every question your car search has produced. Running a strong V6 engine with a smooth, 7 speed automatic transmission, the GLK has power to walk hand in hand with top of the line luxury and economy. You know you have as reliable a vehicle you could ever dream of with a Mercedes, and lets be honest – it looks flat out stunning. As imagined, resale value is excellent, as its top of the line brand name carries quite a bit of weight in the automobile universe.

Though slightly pricier than the previous SUV’s discussed, the GLX remains affordable; quite a feat considering what you are getting for your money. The GLX is a top of the line SUV, and all it takes is a test drive to make the transition from considering to sold. The Best SUV of 2014 takes the crown with strength, style, luxury and economy; making it truly the SUV to be envied in its class.


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